HORIZON-EUROPE BEALIVE-“Bioinspired Electroactive Aeronautical Live skin”

Dear All, we would kindly share very good news today: our research in bioinspired morphing wings is continuing after the H2020-SMS project in the recently granted HORIZON-2023-PATHFINDER-Project N° 101129952 BEALIVE-“Bioinspired Electroactive Aeronautical Live skin”. It will develop new morphing concepts allowing an even higher aerodynamic performance increase and noise reduction thanks to an electroactive “live skin” operating in a high number of DoF. It will be applied in laboratory and full scale design and will be adapted in all flight phases. The partnership includes: INPT (Coordinator), ONERA, UNISTRA, NTUA, POLIMI, STN and CFSE.

The H2020 N° 723402 European research project “Smart Morphing and Sensing for aeronautical configurations”, www.smartwing.org/SMS/EU has been successfully accomplished.

Please visit the public part of the project’s web site where an important Dissemination and Communication activity can be found, as well as the aerodynamic performance increase and major outcomes of the project in respect of new disruptive wing designs leading to an considerable increase of the aerodynamic performance and of noise reduction.

Photos of the SMARTWING meetings

Photos of the preparatory SMARTWING meeting on the 1st of March 2012 at IMFT and of the kick-off meeting of SMARTWING on the 30st of March 2012 at IMFT.