• Aerodynamic performance increase and major outcome of the disruptive wing design achieved by the SMS project is the fact that by applying in the Large-Scale SMS prototype the hybrid electroactive morphing simultaneously associating  the cambering of the high-lift flap and the higher-frequency vibrations as well as a slight deformation of the near trailing edge region thanks to adapted piezoactuators,  allows a drag reduction of 5 %. Hence the usual increase of drag occurring by only cambering the high-lift flap or by only bringing out the conventional high-lift flap,  is completely  overcame thanks to the SMS. Furthermore, the lift-to-drag ratio benefit is of 5,12%. The obtained new design surpasses every  known design in the state of the art. These benefits produce a considerable reduction in fuel consumption of order 2% and increase the maneuverability capacity, yielding higher safety. Therefore, the SMS project has a high impact in the greening of aircraft transport and of safety increase, together with a high economical impact in respect of fuel consumption reduction.