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Prof. Robert Antonia

Keynote Lecture

 Is small scale turbulence really anomalous ?

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Robert Antonia studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney and received his PhD in 1970. Following a post-doctoral year at Imperial College on a CSIRO fellowship, he joined the University of Sydney as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in 1972. He was appointed to the Chair of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Newcastle in 1976. Over the period 2001-2005, he held an ARC Professorial Fellowship at the University of Newcastle. Since 2005, he has been Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle. In 2004, he was awarded a Citation Laureate for Engineering by Thomson ISI and was elected to the Australian Academy of Science. He is an inaugural Fellow of the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society and Chief International Academic Advisor for the Shenzhen Graduate School of the Harbin Institute of Technology. Main research interests: the response of a turbulent boundary to sudden changes in surface conditions, the study of organised large scale motions in various turbulent flows and the effect that different boundary and initial conditions have on the properties of small scale turbulence.